A “Perfect’ Sign

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At the crack of the bat, the ball rolled towards the right side of the field and you could feel it. The 27th batter of the night was going down like the first 26…as an out.

As Miguel Cabrera cleanly scooped up the grounder and threw to a covering Armando Galarraga, Comerica Park was about to celebrate something rarely seen on a baseball field at any level.

That was until Cleveland’s Jason Donald was called safe by umpire Jim Joyce.

And his call was wrong.

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Small Dreams for a Big God!

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I guess I don’t dream big enough!

Every time I take a small dream to our Big God, He gives me stewardship over much more than I expected.

On May 5, we will launch our first on-line discipleship program for high school coaches in Kentucky.  I have been praying that God would stir a half-dozen men from across the Commonwealth to make time in their busy lives to dive into God’s Word with us.  But we are not offering ONE course.

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Justice: Just as Good as Advertised!

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Kentucky's Mister Basketball is "Justice" good as advertised!

The 15th Region Championship basketball game was tipping-off in just two hours. A season filled with grinding practices, aching muscles, sleep-shortened nights and challenging games would display its final worth on this evening.

A victory would return tiny Shelby Valley High School back to the Kentucky Boys’ State Championship Tournament to battle the giants of high school basketball.

A loss would render the iconic image of players sobbing into their towels as the vision of “what might have been” starts its life-long haunting.

With all that at stake, you would expect the team’s best player, Elisha Justice to be on the court rehearsing his jump shot or refining his free-throw stroke.

But that isn’t where Coach Jason Booher found the leader of his basketball team.

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Tiger’s Then What? Moment

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tiger-woods-press-conference-apology-golf-219jpg-c118f65418e01dbc_large-w350-h200That somber guy wearing an open-collared shirt admitting on TV that he cheated on his wife could have been me.

Could’ve been you too.

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Your Role in the Superbowl

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You won't be at Sunday's Superbowl, but one of the men we lead to Christ will be!

You won't be at Sunday's Superbowl, but one of the men we lead to Christ will be!

You are going to be more than a spectator this Sunday evening when the Indianapolis Colts challenge the New Awlins’ Saints in Superbowl XLIV.

You had a direct impact on one of the men who will play a vital role in the biggest single sporting event in America. (Other than second guessing college basketball coaches.)

Because of your support for The Integrity Media Network, we were able to share the gospel of Christ with one of the men who will be on your TV screen on nearly every play during the NFL Championship game.

That man is now your brother in Christ!

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A Present in Plain Wrapping

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As I walked into our home, rich with the aroma of well-seasoned wood crackling in the fireplace, I shuffled through the assortment of Christmas cards, utility bills, and sales brochures that I had pulled from the mailbox. Included was a letter addressed to Grant from Special Olympics.101_2992-w350-h2001
“Grant,” I called up the wooden staircase that leads to the second floor of our home, “you got a letter today.”

Our 20-year-old son dismissed himself from his chores and excitedly skipped down the steps. I presented the letter to him. Grant checked that his name was, in fact, handwritten on the front before he tore a jagged opening in the flap of the envelop.

Grant’s eyes traced across the lines of the letter as I began to pry inside the stack of fresh Christmas cards from well-wishers.
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Which Kind of Influencer Are You?

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The staccato pounding of basketballs echoed through McBrayer Arena as players from Florida International University and Eastern Kentucky University limbered their muscles for their game which was still an hour from tip-off.

I am standing in the doorway of the Visitors’ Locker Room watching the players from each team go through their pre-game rituals.

It is a moment of relative quiet that I am sharing with one of the Top-50 Players in NBA History: Isiah Thomas.

His contagious smile is as dazzling on his 48-year-old face as it was 28 years ago when we first saw it flashed as he celebrated the 1981 NCAA Championship with his Indiana Hoosiers team mates.

“What coaches had the biggest impact on you?” I asked as part of the pre-game interview I do with each coach prior to calling their games on live TV. Read More

You Made The Call!

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This is as close as I will ever get to having an impact on a NFL game: my back porch.

It is from there that I was blessed with the occasion to lead an officiating crew from the NFL through a pre-game Bible Study.

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Strategic Partnership: A Lot of God and a Little of Us!

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The question was amazingly perceptive: “What is it that you REALLY need?”

Since the query was offered by my friend during one of the fund-raising desserts we staged this summer for The Integrity Media Network, it seemed to demand an obvious answer: money!images-12

However, as the moment hung pregnant awaiting a reply, I realized something as I looked into the eyes of the dozen or so friends who had joined us at our home for this event: the need of our ministry cuts much deeper the fiduciary concerns such as cash flow, operating capital, and balance sheets.

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Alone No Longer

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The sun has yet to push its glow above the eastern horizon as my friend is jolted from a deep slumber by the hotel wake-up call.

As he struggles to overcome the fog of sleep, his mind pings with questions. “Where am I?” “What city am I in?”businessman1

He is alone on the road, again. His job requires extensive and exhausting travel. He spends more nights sleeping in a rented bed than he does in the one he shares with his wife at home. Read More